Oct 8

The Feminine Light in the Middle East: A Vision of Women, Worth and Purpose in support of Men who Honor and A New Legacy for our Children

The Feminine Light in the Middle East is a unique experience, a day at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles on November 16th, 2011, this year to begin our story as women and to reveal the beauty of our worth and to appreciate the men who honor the value of our energy, our love, our joy and our talents. This is a day of giving birth to a collective voice of women and men who cherish their abilities to lead, to make a difference in the world by recognizing publicly the value and purpose of women in a way that is safe and happy for men’s own value and contentment.

This event is to create the formation of a unified vision and supportive voice for women in the Middle East and strives to form an action plan focused on:

Establishing a collective vision of womanhood and voice of women globally, particularly as it pertains to the women of the Middle East.
Making conscious one’s self-worth as a woman and that of all women to balance the power between women’s spiritual resources and men’s physical resources.
Creating a group challenge resolution approach for identifying key issues for women regarding their security, worth and purpose.
Raising funds to pursue established goals through various charitable organizations who operate in the Middle East.
Promoting a deliberate communal relationship base for intercontinental communications.
Sharing mutually lives in a supportive context.
Experiencing a rebirth of womanhood.
Giving creative contributions, your vision and your voice.
Contributing to an action plan in the Middle East that continues after the conference to build momentum and global collaboration affecting profound change in women’s lives in order to leave a new legacy for our children.
Being in a day of discovery and triumph!
Enjoying the music, sounds, tastes and festivities of a celebration and a raffle!

For more information and tickets: http://loveoflight.eventbrite.com/

Jul 29

Dec 20

Just published my first book…

Nov 16

Just finished writing a book “Paperclip-A Daughter’s Collection, A Mother’s Courage”. Originally, a book I prepared for my mother and in so doing, I realized it is a book that honors all women. I am now in the process of discovering publishing possibilities.

Nov 16

I will be doing the recording for Tonight’s Bedtime Story, a children story telling site for which I will be reading numerous fairy tales from Little Red-Riding-Hood to Cinderella.  I am very much looking forward to this, especially The Tale of Peter Rabbit!

Jul 26

Just added a resume and a few photos in the Photo Gallery.

Jul 11

Welcome to my official website.
There’s a lot more to come, so come back regularly to check progress…