Jul 29

Dec 20

Just published my first book…

Jul 18

Now you can follow me on Twitter at Slymuse!!! http://www.twitter.com/slymuse

Nov 30

I’ll be visiting my mother for a week…I am going to be giving her a book I put together on her behalf, Paperclip- A Daughter’s Collection: A Woman’s Courage, I look forward to publishing it when I get back.

Nov 16

My sister Holly completed a jazz album titled “Mr Rogers Swings”! It’s fantastic and she sounds smooth!

Nov 16

Just finished writing a book “Paperclip-A Daughter’s Collection, A Mother’s Courage”. Originally, a book I prepared for my mother and in so doing, I realized it is a book that honors all women. I am now in the process of discovering publishing possibilities.

Nov 16

Been busy since November. My mother has a brain tumor on her brain stem and I have been taking care of her. She is now settled into her new home and I have managed to make her as comfortable as possible. It’s now at a point where the quality of her life is more important than the length, so I have been doing everything possible to keep joy in her life.

Nov 16

I will be doing the recording for Tonight’s Bedtime Story, a children story telling site for which I will be reading numerous fairy tales from Little Red-Riding-Hood to Cinderella.  I am very much looking forward to this, especially The Tale of Peter Rabbit!

Jul 26

Just added a resume and a few photos in the Photo Gallery.

Jul 11

Welcome to my official website.
There’s a lot more to come, so come back regularly to check progress…